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Competence Management

OilComp has developed a system for mapping companies’ competence. The competence of each employee is measured against / compared to the requirements of authorities, clients / customers or the company itself.

Mapping of the employees’ expertise is done as follows:

  1. The formal requirements for each position and function are identified.
  2. Each employee’s former and present competence is acquired.
  3. A GAP between the competence the employee possesses and the demands they are faced with is then revealed.
  4. Measures (in form of additional courses) are taken to fill the competence GAP.

The procedure outlined schematically:


Such process is usually very costly in terms of both time and money. OilComp’s proprietary competence system makes much of this process automatic, allowing customers to work more systematically and continuously with their own management skills than otherwise possible.
Active work regarding competence development can make the company more attractive when recruiting new employees and can help to increase motivation among the old-timers. Higher competent staff will again improve the company’s efficiency and focus on future-oriented activities such as HSE. One will also avoid so-called "knowledge stock" situations.

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