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BV Certification ISO 9001  

Bureau Veritas (BV) was established in 1828. Bureau Veritas offers services such as inspection, testing, auditing, certification and classification. Bureau Veritas' subsidiary, Bureau Veritas Certification is one of Norway's and the world's largest certification company. OilComp is certified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO-9001: 2008. This certification will ensure that OilComp has a quality system which complies with the requirements for quality management and monitoring that ISO-9001: 2008 sets. We therefore focus on safety and quality improvement in everyday life through customer focus, good processes and continuous improvement. We hope that our customers will help us to develop, and share their thoughts and positive feedback regarding the future demand for courses and other skills.
Bureau Veritas, as a classification company, has revised OilComp, so that we could be approved as a maritime training center.

AchillesJQS qualified stamp  

Achilles is a leading global provider of integrated solutions for supplier systems. Achilles identifies, qualifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers, so that companies can acquire serious partners who will meet the set requirements and keep their promises. The industry network launched in 1991, Achilles JQS (Joint Qualification System), is a register for suppliers and a solution for qualifying companies, that are used by purchasers in the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector. Achilles' quality standard is based on the ISO 9001 quality system (ISO 9001:2008). This qualification is a confirmation to current and future partners that OilComp is a quality oriented course provider and supplier of services within consultancy and research.


IWCF, International Well Control Forum was established in 1992. The organization sets standards for courses-, -centers, -simulators, - instructors and manages certifications within Well Control and Well Intervention. IWCF's accreditation of course providers ensures that the training offered is according to IWCF's requirements. Through our subsidiary, NPS (Norsk Petroleumsteknisk Senter AS), we are accredited to conduct IWCF Well Control and Well Intervention courses.

Sjofartsdirektoratet   The Norwegian Maritime Authority is an administrative authority in Norway, with the authority and responsibility over Norwegian and foreign- registered ships calling at Norwegian ports. The authority sets safety of life, health, property and the environment as a top priority, and has as a main objective to maintain good qualifications, working- and living conditions of seafarers. The Norwegian Maritime Authority also serves as an approval body for various qualifications, procedures and certifications associated with the STCW convention. OilComp is approved as a maritime training center of the Norwegian Maritime Authority.